From 1985 – 1992

From humble beginnings in a small Italian village, Claudio Celiberti has risen to become a world-renowned innovative designer revered for his exquisite designs and an eye for beauty. Even as a young boy, Claudio exhibited an innate talent for design and an unwavering passion for creating masterpieces. While his peers were content to play, Claudio spent countless hours poring over architectural drawings and sketching his own furniture designs alongside his father, who imbued in him true craftsmanship and was his inspiration.

With a rare combination of talent, dedication, and hard work, Claudio’s passion soon transformed into expertise, and at the age of 19, he became a sole trader, showcasing his design talent to the world. From there, he never looked back, steadily honing his craft and gaining international recognition for his innovative designs and impeccable taste.