Studio Celiberti's story is told through 3 decades in 10 key dates

A classic number that symbolises completeness and perfection, just as the ultimate design that Studio Celiberti takes pride in delivering.

These 10 dates trace the journey of Claudio Celiberti, who started as a talented child and went on to become a successful sole artisan. Eventually, he founded Studio Celiberti, which has grown into an internationally renowned brand. The dates showcase how Celiberti developed expertise in architectural design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation, leading Studio Celiberti to become a one-stop solution for creating extraordinary spaces and architectural masterpieces that go beyond imagination.


From humble beginnings in a small Italian village, Claudio Celiberti has risen to become a world-renowned innovative designer revered for his exquisite designs and an eye for beauty. Even as a young boy, Claudio exhibited an innate talent for design and an unwavering passion for creating masterpieces. While his peers were content to play, Claudio spent countless hours poring over architectural drawings and sketching his own furniture designs alongside his father, who imbued in him true craftsmanship and was his inspiration.

With a rare combination of talent, dedication, and hard work, Claudio's passion soon transformed into expertise, and at the age of 19, he became a sole trader, showcasing his design talent to the world. From there, he never looked back, steadily honing his craft and gaining international recognition for his innovative designs and impeccable taste.


In 1994, Claudio Celiberti began his journey by building his first house for a client, starting from scratch and seeing the project through from start to finish. As an ambitious sole trader, Claudio Celiberti was determined to gain expertise in all facets of construction. Over the next few years, Claudio's unwavering determination and passion for his craft led him to learn every aspect of construction. From laying the foundation to the finishing touches, Claudio gained a comprehensive understanding of the construction process and developed a deep appreciation for the art of building, honing his skills in plumbing, electrical work, and every other aspect of the trade.

Claudio Celiberti gained expertise in all aspects of construction through years of dedication. His comprehensive understanding of the construction process empowered him to deliver the best possible results to his clients, ensuring that every project he undertook was executed to the highest standards of quality and precision.


In 2001, Claudio Celiberti elevated his expertise beyond construction and into the realm of architectural design. With the establishment of his first showroom, Celiberti began crafting extraordinary pieces ranging from bathrooms to kitchens. The success of his initial venture prompted him to invest in an official office and offer custom-made, luxurious designs exclusively for high-end clients. By exploring the sources of precious materials and drawing inspiration from the world's most beautiful objects, Celiberti honed his understanding of materials and techniques to push boundaries and create unique designs for his elite clientele.

This same year marked the founding of Studio Celiberti, a team of designers and staff united in their pursuit of perfection, creating captivating moments of design while selling their collection worldwide. Through his mastery of architectural design, Claudio Celiberti delivers truly exceptional designs to the world.


Following the remarkable success of its showrooms and development of an exclusive high-end clientele, Studio Celiberti established a reputation built on trust and excellence. In 2004, the Studio had diversified its portfolio, undertaking a range of high-end projects across a variety of sectors. Collaborating closely with discerning clients and talented architects, Studio Celiberti created truly luxurious dining experiences, from an Italian restaurant in Mayfair to Caffe Concerto in Knightsbridge. The Studio's exceptional expertise, however, extended far beyond the realm of restaurant design, as evidenced by their impressive restoration of a historic castle. Working alongside an exceptional architect with a deep understanding of the local area, Studio Celiberti preserved the castle's two-building structure while infusing it with modern elegance, imbuing the space with new life and vitality.

At Studio Celiberti, we take great pride in our collaborative approach to design. By working closely with both our clients and talented architects, we transform artistic visions into reality and craft masterpieces that consistently exceed expectations.


In 2005, Studio Celiberti revealed a new chapter in our tireless pursuit of creating enduring works of art, with the launch of the Waved Bath. This masterpiece was showcased in prestigious exhibitions across Europe's most artistic cities, including Paris, London, and Bologna. The stunning creation, a marriage of luxurious marble and a graceful, undulating silhouette, stood as a testament to Claudio's unparalleled artistic vision and the studio's unwavering dedication to using only the finest materials.

The Waved Bath was a masterpiece of opulence and refinement, embodying Studio Celiberti's philosophy of crafting bespoke designs that transcend time and elevate the very essence of luxury.


In 2010, Studio Celiberti unveiled their awe-inspiring masterpiece, the Norway Wine Cellar - an extraordinary library of wine that had yet to be imagined. With a remarkable interplay of numbers and letters, this bespoke design transcended mere functionality, and was a stunning piece of art in its own right, affording effortless access to any wine collection.

The Norway Wine Cellar was a bold testament to the studio's passion for innovation and their unwavering pursuit of excellence, pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible and bringing dreams to fruition.


Over years of dedicated craftsmanship and visionary design, Studio Celiberti's creations have shone with a brilliance that caught the eye of the world's most prestigious commercial brands. In 2011, the studio collaborated with a team of highly skilled architects to deliver a truly breathtaking in-store experience for Dior. Every detail, from the sleek flooring to the strategic layout of materials, was crafted with meticulous care, drawing upon Studio Celiberti's exceptional expertise to embody the brand's core values.

Today, Studio Celiberti continues to build upon its legacy of artistic excellence, partnering with a roster of elite commercial brands to transform luxurious brand values into stunning visual realities.


In 2012, Studio Celiberti took the global market by storm, reaching over 20 countries with the release of their masterpiece, the "Fiore di Cristallo" kitchen. This magnificent creation, known as the world's most expensive kitchen, is a strong witness to Claudio's ability to seamlessly combine art and functionality. Over the course of a year, we pushed the boundaries of what was possible by marrying striking design with exquisite natural materials.


Studio Celiberti's talents extend far beyond the creation of our own artistic pieces - We are esteemed collaborators, working seamlessly with domestic architecture firms across nations to bring their visions to life. While we have enjoyed successful partnerships with fancy restaurants and world-renowned brands, our expertise has also been sought after for larger and more complex projects.

In 2014, Studio Celiberti partnered with Domiatic Holdings for designing the head office in Egypt. Working alongside some of the country's most talented architects, we offered our guidance and provided innovative solutions to the unique challenges of the project. Studio Celiberti's mastery of materials and design was on full display, as we worked hand in hand with our partners to create a true masterpiece for the corporate space.

At Studio Celiberti, we firmly believe that true beauty is born from collaboration, and we take great pride in continuing to build on our legacy of partnership and artistic excellence. From engineering to installation and manufacturing, Studio Celiberti is committed to providing a comprehensive solution for large-scale projects. Our partnership with domestic architecture teams allows us to bring our unparalleled creativity and artistry to a wider range of clients, helping them realise their visions while staying true to our own ethos of excellence.


At Studio Celiberti, we pride ourselves on being entrusted with creating luxurious and unforgettable spaces. In 2015, we were given the privilege of designing a private villa in Corsica, complete with a stunning swimming pool. Collaborating closely with the client and top-notch architects, we spared no effort in ensuring that every aspect of the interior and outdoor leisure area was meticulously crafted to exceed their expectations.

Our extensive experience in creating bespoke designs for hotels, villas, and leisure centres makes us uniquely qualified to transform any space into a haven of indulgence and refinement. We take great care to tailor each project to the unique needs and desires of our clients, infusing each creation with a touch of genuine creativity and ingenuity.

Whether it's a private villa in Corsica or a grand hotel on the French Riviera, our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that each project is a genuine masterpiece.


In 2020, Studio Celiberti launched Origin, a luxurious fire pit dining table, at the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show. The exceptional craftsmanship and unique design of the table caught the attention of the luxury industry, resulting in the expansion of our services to Norway. With a new branch in Norway, we have partnered with top architects to cater to a wider range of clients and provide them with our unparalleled expertise.

As a masterful leader in the design industry, Studio Celiberti is dedicated to providing a one-stop solution for clients seeking comprehensive, end-to-end design services. From conceptualization to architectural design, engineering, and manufacturing, our team of experts is committed to delivering exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Our unwavering focus on innovation and customer satisfaction is reflected in every aspect of our work, ensuring that each project is executed with precision and creativity. With our exceptional ability to seamlessly integrate various design elements and our extensive expertise, Studio Celiberti is the ultimate destination for those seeking a comprehensive solution for all their design needs.