Million Pound Kitchen

The 'Fiore di Cristallo' kitchen is known as the most expensive kitchen in the world, and it's a true masterpiece that embodies timeless elegance and master craftsmanship. Over the course of a year, renowned artist Claudio Celiberti pushed the boundaries of what was possible by combining striking design with exquisite natural materials. The centrepiece of the design is the world-famous 'Crystal of Murano,' which was handcrafted using ancient techniques from the island of Murano. This exceptional crystal is free of impurities, bubbles, and smudges, making it the perfect complement to Claudio's exemplary design.
Not only is the 'Fiore di Cristallo' kitchen exceptionally beautiful, but it is also durable and functional. With antibacterial and eco-friendly surfaces, the cabinets and countertops are built to last, and since our designs are timeless, you can keep them forever.
This kitchen is a hallmark of Studio Celiberti's success, elevating them from a regional business to working with over 20 countries worldwide. It is a significant achievement that marks a new milestone for Studio Celiberti to expand their business globally. Take a moment to experience the million-pound kitchen, the ultimate luxury that defines exclusivity, extravagance, and quality.